How Ortho Athlete was born

Ortho Athlete has been 48 years in the making

Dr. Erik Hemmett grew up on what used to be the “Old Town Poor Farm” in a small farming community in Northeast Vermont. Without understanding it at the time, he learned the values of hard work, accountability, integrity, grind, grown through challenge, and self-reliance at an early age. His family worked a large garden, raised pigs, chickens, ducks, cows, and horses. He learned to earn money by
picking blackberries and selling them to the tourists at the end of their driveway. He helped in the dairy barn in the winter, hayed in the summer, and cut and stacked firewood in the fall. In the winter when the spring fed water to the house froze, he would help his father to bucket water from the local school and melt snow on a fireplace with his mother. There were many challenges that all had to be dealt with head on and none could go unresolved. The key to survival was turning challenges into learning and growth opportunities.

Dr. Erik’s father developed leukemia at the age of 34 and lived for 10 years before passing in 1994. Dr. Erik saw his father decline from a strong independent alpha male athlete mentally and physically into a dependent shell of himself. Dr. Erik earned the Vermont Scholar Award and attended the University of

Vermont on an academic partial scholarship. He graduated in 1992 with an Honors Major in Economics and a Premed/Chemistry minor.

Dr. Erik completed an internship for a pharmaceutical marketing company doing cost-benefit analysis and then earned a partial academic scholarship to attend the Doctor of Chiropractic degree program at National University of Health Sciences in Chicago where he completed 5 academic semesters and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Ortho Athlete Mission

Improve the quality of life of first responders, athletes, and their families by supplying the highest quality active and passive orthopedic healthcare possible.

Ortho Athlete Vision

Integrated network of conservative orthopedic rehab facilities offering active and passive techniques and services to first responders and athletes throughout the great state of Florida.

Champion Values

Integrity: doing the right thing no matter who is watching even when times are tough.

Grind: doing whatever it takes to stay true to your goals on your way to becoming a champion. Working harder than anyone else to persevere no matter what. Doing what others won’t so you get what they don’t.

Champion Mindset: grow yourself by
1) envisioning your goals
2) accumulating the best resources
3) taking massive action
4) Embracing challenges and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow mentally and physically and
simply steps along the way to achieving greatness
5) taking accountability for your actions instead of inventing excuses