chiropractic joint manipulation

Our Chiropractic physicians use motion palpation to assess proper joint motion in every joint in the body. 

Numerous factors can contribute to abnormal or restricted joint motion. Acute trauma, such as whiplash, or prolonged or repetitive abnormal stress, such as poor posture or habits, stresses the ligaments and muscles surrounding the joint. 

Joint motion restrictions cause friction and increase stress on the normal joint function. This increased friction may cause inflammation, pain, or just wear and tear of the joints. 

This wear and tear are no small matter. Wear and tear can cause osteoarthritis, a progressive breakdown of cartilage. This cartilage is a very thin layer inside the joint. Thus, it becomes particularly important to remove stress from the joint to prevent complete degeneration of the cartilage. 

Once a restricted joint has been located, a specific force is exerted into the joint axis to restore the proper joint motion. This force or thrust is called joint manipulation or adjustment. The thrust stimulates mechanoreceptors in the joint and produces a reflexive relief of pain and reduction in muscle spasm. 

Research has shown that stimulation of these mechanoreceptors sends signals to the brain, which decreases pain signals and results in muscle relaxation. Once proper motion has been established through a combination of joint manipulation and Active Release Techniques, our doctors will educate you on proper strengthening exercises for you to do at home to stabilize and strengthen the joint. 

It is important to restore joint function if you are experiencing pain and/or disability because of these joint restrictions, particularly if you have been experiencing repeated episodes of pain or disability. Repeated episodes often lead to chronic problems which affect the surrounding structures: joint capsules, ligaments, muscles, nerves, etc.