Functional Rehab may include: 

  • Neuromuscular Reeducation
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Functional Therapeutic Exercise Instruction
  • Manual Biofeedback
  • Muscular Facilitation
  • Orthopedic Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Joint Range of Motion Improvement
  • Muscular Flexibility, Strength, Power and Endurance Training
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Activities of Daily Living Instruction and Modification

four phases of care


Acute or Relief

 This phase can be characterized by swelling, lack of motion, and discomfort. Treatment would consist of multiple visits to decrease symptoms. The important part of this phase is at-home care which could consist of RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation). 


 This phase begins when the pain has been significantly reduced. In this phase you will work on stretching, joint mobilization, and muscular control. This will allow normal function to return to the nerves, muscles, and joints. 


 The goal in this phase is to strengthen the soft tissue that surrounds the affected joints to stabilize the joint. 

Wellness, Maintenance or Supportive Care

 In this phase you focus on maintaining function. This phase can include making ergonomic adjustments to your daily routines, recommended exercises, and stretching programs. The importance of this phase is the commitment you make to yourself and your well-being. 

Health and Fitness Promotion

It is the process of improving people’s understanding, attitudes, and conduct regarding individual and community health. The therapeutic use of Athletic Training is to promote the importance of exercise for the mind and body. Patients that can benefit from this specialty include young children and adults, as well as the elderly population. 


What is FirstHab?

FirstHab is a functional three phase rehabilitative strength and flexibility program for each body region with an emphasis on the daily needs of first responders. First responders need a strong upper and lower core to stabilize their bodies and brace them from the challenges of their jobs. FirstHab combines both active strengthening and active/passive flexibility exercises. FirstHab empowers you to have control over how you feel. FirstHab helps you to have a higher quality of life over the long-term.


Is FirstHab just for First Responders?

Even though FirstHab was developed with First Responders in mind, we can all benefit from a strong upper and lower core. Athletes, Community Service Professionals, and weekend warriors need a strong upper and lower core to build from. The quality of our lives is important to all of us. 

How does FirstHab work?

When you begin your care at Ortho Athlete, your chiropractic physician will make sure that you qualify to include FirstHab into your treatment plan. On your second visit, you will be treated by your chiropractic physician with chiropractic joint manipulation to improve joint movement and neuromuscular  release techniques to improve muscle flexibility and coordination of movement. 

You will also be assessed for functional movement deficiencies and then begin our three phase FirstHab program specific to the body region of your complaint. 

This program will include therapeutic functional medical soft tissue techniques such as deep tissue orthopedic massage, post neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and myofascial release and three phases of functional therapeutic exercises.  You will be prescribed home exercises and activity modifications to perform between appointments that will complement your in-office treatments.

What to expect?

Just like you cannot go for a 2-minute jog and expect to run a marathon the next day, you need to be persistent and compliant with your care at home and in the office. Over time, your body will begin to make gains in functional strength and flexibility. You will be responsible for how long you benefit from FirstHab. Just like anything, if you focus your energy on improving something and then stop, you will go back to how you originally were.  Greatness is a process that takes persistence, dedication, eliminating excuses and massive action. 

Why do FirstHab?

It is important to listen to our bodies. Our bodies will tell us when we are sick or broken down. Pain is the last signal that our bodies cannot handle some sort of damage to it. Just like when your check engine light comes on in the car, pain is a signal that cannot be ignored. When a muscle, ligament, tendon, or joint is injured through acute trauma or repetitively over time, it suffers tissue damage, and your body begins to compensate in other areas to help you function as best as possible. Often not only will FirstHab restore you to preinjury functional status but correct many of the deficiencies that may have led to the injury in the first place.